Our night: Courting the stars

In our night on May 23, 2010 at 14:11

Yesterday was a busy night for Good Evening Europe. We started off with an amazing party at the Opera House. We really do wonder what made Georgia spend their whole state budget on renting the whole opera house, but definitely not complaining. What amazing hosts they were! Then we moved on to the Greek party, where, surprisingly, drinks weren’t free. And ended up at the fabulous club Ballroom.

Here’s our highlights for you:

stian georgia

We hooked up with our favorite blogger boy, Stian, for the Georgian party. Everyone should read his fab comments on

marcin astrid guri

-Hey, you are the blogger girls, Poland’s singer Marcin said as he saw us. We will live on that for a long time, because hey, he’s the hot Eurovision boy.

harel skaat

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Finally Israel’s Harel Skaat got out of bed and into the Opera House. Guess there were rumors his favorite bloggers would be there.

jurgis didziulis

Our favorite man of the night and any other nights, Lithuanian Jurgis Didziulis, looking all suspicious. Don’t be afraid, Jurgis, we will only write nice things about you. It is always rewarding to make nice with GEE.

josh dubovie

GEE are almost getting into a catfight about whether we like the UK entry or not. But we would bring good times to their sweet singer Josh anytime, no matter what.

jessy mattador

Jessy from France tried really hard to convince us his song is not a football song. Eh, hello? Thank God he has the looks.

Well, those were only a couple of highlights from our night of courting Eurovision stars. Wanna see more? Become our fan on Facebook and check out our continually updated album.


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