Retro Sunday: Ireland 1987

In Ireland, Retro Sunday on February 13, 2011 at 12:29

It’s the morning after. GEE bloggers are suffering from severe post Haba Haba injuries after practicing that dance just a couple of times more than we should have. We need a debrief. We need something calm. And soothing. Something that won’t make us throw our arms in the air. Thank you, Johnny Logan. You are almost like a meditative yoga class:

Oh, Johnny. We need you to hold us now. And get us through this hard period of dysfunctional arms. It’s all so perfect. That white suit. That biting of the lip. That troubled face. Those Amish people in the choir. The way you bend down when you promise to love us forever. And the lovely, lovely key change.  Then we close our eyes, Johnny, and it’s just the two of us again. For the last time. Just hold us now.

Thank you. Our love for you will go on and on.

(Oh,and please excuse all that walking around in the stairs in the beginning of the video. We do not get what that is about. But you are very welcome for the introducing lady in fabulous pink extrvaganzaorganza. Man, we want her dress almost as much as we want Johnny. Almost, that is).


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