Shocking predictions!

In Norway, Sweden on March 21, 2011 at 12:58

Jostein Pedersen about to write his review of Eric Saade's "Popular"

In Norway, you can tell that spring is soon approaching when the notorious Jostein Pedersen is back making headlines in the tabloids. What would the Eurovision Song Contest be without Jostein’s razor sharp analysis, and what would he be without ESC? A question to ponder on a grey Monday afternoon. As usual he appoints Norway as one of the favorites to win, while he’s trashing Sweden. What a shokka!

  1. Well, Sweden´s entry this year is actually quite crappy. However, Estonia deserves being high on the betting lists.

    The best songs this year come from Israel, Finland, Estonia, Hungary and Norway.

    • Yup, we’re not too crazy about Sweden this year either, cute guy, crappy song. And you’re probably right about your predictions. We are still fighting amongst each other at the GEE bloggers’ HQ trying to agree on which songs we should like and witch one we should hate. To keep track on the developments you can read our reviews coming up on this blog during the next few weeks!

    • What about Denmark and Latvia? Also great songs!

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