Retro Sunday: Albania 2009

In Albania, Interview and feature, Retro Sunday on September 18, 2011 at 12:38

It’s Sunday again, and one of these days where you wake up with a desperate urge to revisit Albania’s turquoise dancing human discoball:

It’s these kinds of surreal performances that makes us question what the heck is going on inside the heads of Albanian teenage girls dreaming away in the safe realms of home, sweet home. If someone could help us decipher the connotations here we would be eternally grateful. Because we are completely clueless. However it does not blur the fact that this is a fabulous Eurovision song, with a stomping beat, ethnic flare and a remarkably strong vocal given the age and size of the leading lady here. Kejsi Tola looks like a nine year old dressed up in a pink tutu, ready to perform in a school play, not in front of 150 million tv-viewers.

We would love to turn up at some Halloween party dressed up as the Albanian discoball person, and we figure it wouldn’t actually be that hard to recreate. Just give us a speed skating suit, a bag full of sequins, generous amounts of strong glue and a god-given patience and we’ll be there!


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