Second Chance Contest 2011

In Iceland, previous years, review, Second Chance Contest on October 10, 2011 at 22:36

Every year the international fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest, OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs d’Eurovision) hosts the Second Chance Contest, where songs from the national finals that didn’t make it to the ESC final get a second chance to win some (well deserved) glory.

Unless you have been spending the last few months in isolated areas of rural Mongolia, you must be pretty far gone mentally not to notice Yohanna’s “Nótt” being the biggest fan wank this year. We just don’t get it. Yeah sure, her runner-up performance of “Is it true?” in 2009 was amazing, but this year’s effort? Pretty boring stuff, if you ask us!

As usual we would have gone for other participants from just about every competing country. Hurray for Father McKenzie from Finland, Stine Kinck from Denmark, Jógvan from Iceland etc, etc. And yes, we know, we’re the odd ones out here, with slightly different taste-buds than the avarage hardcore fans. But hey, that’s what makes it interesting right?

Nevertheless, big congrats to Iceland, or technically “The rest of the world” participant, Yohanna. With Iceland just recently establishing their own national OGAE branch they will have the honor of hosting the 2012 edition of SCC!

For further results from the SCC 2011, please visit this page.


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