MGP Wildcard revealed

In MGP, national finals, National finals, Norway, review on February 6, 2012 at 11:31

The maritime aspects captivated the jury enough to give Lise Karlsnes a second chance in the MGP final

So it turned out the MGP wildcard was not so wild after all. This morning it was revealed that Lise Karlsnes snatched the last ticket up for grabs to the MGP final in Oslo Spektrum on Saturday. We’re pretty ok with the decision, although we must admit we find it a tiny tad safe and predictable. This completes the following line-up in the final:

  1. Tooji – «Stay»
  2. Reidun Sæther – «High On Love»
  3. Lise Karlsnes – «Sailors»
  4. Plumbo – «Ola Nordmann»
  5. Malin Reitan – «Crush»
  6. Nora Foss Al-Jabri – «Somewhere Beautiful»
  7. Carburetors – «Don’t Touch The Flame»
  8. Petter Øien og Bobby Bare – «Things Change»
  9. Yaseen & Julie Maria – «Sammen»
  10. Tommy Fredvang – «Make It Better»

Who’s your favorite?

  1. Tooji, Lise Karlsnes eller Tommy Fredvang. De har iallefall en sjanse til å få noen poeng i den internasjonale finalen. Men, ingen av disse vinner den norske:)

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