Montenegro back to square zero

In Montenegro, previous years, review on March 27, 2014 at 08:00

Just as Montenegro was turning into one of our favorite countries in Eurovision, for being bold and bonkers, they go ahead and turn all Balkan ballad on us. Uncongratulations.

One might argue that Eurovision needs at least one proper Balkan ballad in the line-up, the same way every living creature needs air to breathe in. And with pretty much the entire Balkans staying at home due to financial difficulties, sulking over bad results, not wanting to spend yet another fortnight in Scandinavia, or whatever reason they might have, we suppose Montenegro found it only natural to step up and take responsibility. However, knowing how generously these countries distribute the points between them, it leaves us with the inevitable question of whose left to actually vote for Montenegro’s entry. With only Albania in semi-final 1 and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia absent, chances for points pouring in are looking rather slim.

Why would the country who unleashed Rambo Amadeus on us, and introduced us to rapping astronauts and a chick wearing a welding monocle screaming her heart out in perfect pitch, all of a sudden regress and show up with an entry from 1998? Moj Svijet is outdated, old fashioned and without relevance in 2014. Topped off with a preview video sponsored by the local tourist board and it’s almost bordering on becoming a parody.

We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a special place in hell where endearing, mellifluous, flute infused melodies are being played around the clock. And it seems like Old Harry just added another track to his playlist.

  1. You are right it is dull compared to last year but this is probably Montenegro’s best chance of qualifying for the Final, something they have never done! I think for the sake of this country continuing to participate in Eurovision, having a ‘safe’ entry that gets to Saturday night is a good thing…

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