MGP 2016: We love the disco!

In MGP, national finals, National finals, Norway, review on February 22, 2016 at 00:09

The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – «Laika»

The Hungry Hearts still have to vote out two members before they’re ready to conquer the Eurovision world.

So here’s why we figure Norway should send this one to Stockholm:

  • It’s a performance band aiming to create a surreal audiovisual universe
  • It will be the first song in Eurovision about the Laika, the first dog in space, and about bloody time we’d say
  • It will piss off Russia
  • Any song that has the line Der Untergang Ist Jetz is winning material in our book
  • It’s a complete shamble of nonsensical lyrics and a shameless parody done deliciously irreverent
  • The hardcore Eurovision fans will go apeshit over it
  • Who doesn’t love the Disco!
  1. […] The show starts off in the best possible way with a bunch of lesbians and a dog on their way to space. Who doesn’t love the disco? Vote 1 for The Hungry Hearts, peeps! Read our review […]

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