MGP 2016: If horses had wings, they could fly

In MGP, national finals, National finals, Norway, review on February 26, 2016 at 13:00

Pegasus – «Anyway»

Jon Bon Jovi’s unknown son grew up in Oppsal, Oslo. Steve-O from Jackass to the left

For the love of all that’s holy in the world of Eurovision, can someone please tell us why there always has to be a dansband in MGP? They never win, hardly nobody even wants them to win, except maybe their wives and their manager, and quality wise it’s so substandard that most bands sell their music at petrol stations.

This year’s mandatory dansband Pegasus sounds more like a boyband from the late 90s, with Anyway being a flat, dated and soulless power ballad from A1’s pile of scrap. And without the cute looks, nor an intricate dance routine, we assume. So what’s to like? Not much, unfortunately.

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